1. Can you tell me about the line from left to right on the sign in page. I see that there are names on the left, what’s on the right? Thanks- I love your ideas…

    • Their names are on the left, as you notice, and to the right is an empty column. For now, they are touching the pencil on their name and drawing a line to the right. Eventually, they will start writing their name in this space. (Actually, we already have one who is doing that.)

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  3. My first day today…14 threes…..did the same thing…. Simple day introducing them to the school….like your cup painting…will do that on day 2….when it dawns on them that this will happen again! Got to love those threes!

    • They really love doing the same thing a few times! Familiarity plus it give them a chance to define some skills.