Valentine’s Counting and Color Sorting Activity


We love simple activities that build skills! This Valentine’s counting and color sorting activity is perfect for small groups or independent work. It can be done in the classroom setting or in the home. All you need to do is download the free printable that is shown at the end of this post (scroll down), add objects that are the same colors, and it’s ready to go! You will see how I also turned this into a counting activity by creating a number line, and also an easy art activity.

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Preschool Valentines Activity - free printable! Teaching 2 and 3 Year Olds


Preschool Valentines Activity - free printable! Teaching 2 and 3 Year Olds

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Valentine’s Counting and Color Sorting Activity

 Valentine's counting activity with free printable!

What you will need:


  • Foam hearts (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple) or any desired shapes

  • White glue

  • Paper plate or other paper, cut into a heart shape

  • Colored hearts printable (offered at the end of this post)

  • Number line 1-6, written in the same colors as the hearts

preschool valentines activity




Color matching activity:


preschool valentines activity


Place at least 5 of each color of the foam hearts into a container, mixed up. Invite the children to remove the hearts from the container and sort them by color. Then place the hearts on the matching color on the printable.


preschool valentines activity



1:1 correspondence:


preschool valentines activity


Once again, mix all the hearts together so that the children need to sort them by color. Have them place one foam heart on the matching paper heart.


Counting the hearts:


preschool valentines activity


For this activity, I drew a simple number line by hand, using the same 6 colors as the hearts. I invited the children to place one heart on each number, making sure the foam heart and the number were the same color.


preschool valentines activity



preschool valentines activity



You could extend this so that they place 1 heart under the number 1, 2 hearts under the number 2, etc.


Simple art:


preschool valentines activity

preschool valentines activity


With the hearts still on the number line, squeeze 6 puddles of glue on a piece of heart-shaped paper. The children can then remove each heart from the number line and place on the glue. (1:1 correspondence)


preschool valentines activity




 Click here for free download: Colored Hearts Printable


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  1. I love your idea! Where did you find your rainbow-colored foam hearts? I have been looking around on the web and haven’t been able to find any similar. Thanks!

    • Hi Jenny – they are in a big tub of different shapes that I got at Michael’s Craft store. I tried to find similar on Amazon so I could include the link, but no luck. Check your local craft store. OR, you could buy foam sheets and cut the hearts yourself.

  2. These are some great ideas!

  3. I like it !
    It is a great idea to start making Valentines games and little bit learn.
    we are exercising kids’ motor abilities.
    I was playing with kids and my advice is to watch kids so they won’t eat glue 🙂