Thanksgiving Craft Ideas

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While planning for November, I was amazed to find so many Thanksgiving craft ideas for preschoolers! During this month we do a lot of different turkey crafts that work on our fine motor skills, strengthen our color recognition development, and that allow us to be as open-ended as possible so that we can be creative. We focus on the thankfulness part of Thanksgiving with our 3 year olds. This is a great time to help our youngest preschoolers learn how to reach out to others, to express gratitude for what is given to them.  We talk about our families and the good food we are blessed with. We end our unit with a Thanksgiving feast, where all our families come together and bring food that we eat together. I just love this time of year!

What are your Thanksgiving traditions? Please share in the comments section below!

thanksgiving craft ideas

Thanksgiving Craft Activity

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