Preschool Counting Activity for Spring

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There are so many fun ways to encourage counting, such as this preschool counting activity for spring! So easy to make and play with!
preschool counting activity for spring

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This activity is part of our Preschool Math Play collection. Gather these materials and you are ready to go!
spring activity

Materials Needed:

  • Silk flower pieces
  • Colored craft sticks
  • Glue
  • Small containers to hold the flowers
  • Numbers that can be taped on the containers
preschool math


Simply glue flowers to the tips of the craft sticks with glue. While they are drying, tape numbers on small containers, 1 through 5. I typed out some numbers in a Word document and printed them on colored paper. You could also use number stickers or just hand-write them. Keep it simple!
Note: You certainly are not limited to 5. If your child is counting higher, you can add more containers and flowers! A great activity that can grow with your child.
preschool math

How to use:

  • Display the containers in a row, with the flower sticks beside them. 
  • Call out the numbers with your child, pointing to each number as you do so.
  • Invite your child to place the correct number of flowers in each container.
  • Once your child masters this, try mixing up the numbers so they are not in order.
preschool math
Simple flower counting math for preschoolers!
preschool counting


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  1. Looks great, I’ve been looking for counting games for my 2 year old, we have all the bits except fake flowers so I might make cardboard lollies instead :-)

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