Fall Apple Sensory Bin

Wake up your 5 senses with this fall apple sensory bin! During our apple unit, we sort apples by color, weigh and graph them, cut them open to explore the seeds, sample different kinds of apples, and make yummy applesauce. It’s the perfect time to add apples to our sensory bin, along with some oats and cinnamon sticks!


fall apple sensory bin


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Fall is the perfect time to explore our five senses. We see beautiful colors, we hear the birds and the squirrels, we smell the crispness in the air, and we taste the freshness of pumpkins and apples and other bounties of our fall harvest.


fall apple sensory bin


Last week’s focus was on apples. We asked our families to pick out an apple from a farm, backyard, or store and bring it to school. We compared our apples in size, shape, and color. We had a taste test and made applesauce.


fall apple sensory bin


We spun paper apples in salad spinners to display on our paper tree.


fall apple sensory bin


And then we introduced our fall apple sensory bin.


fall apple sensory bin


What we used in our sensory bin:



fall apple sensory bin


Then we added child-size cookware to make “pies”.


Sensory bins like this allow for lots of scooping and sifting and pouring.


fall apple sensory bin


The added cinnamon sticks provide a pleasant apple pie scent.


We not only used this with our 3 year olds, but with our 2 year olds as well. We substituted larger plastic apples for the smaller ones. We talked about how they were just pretend, so they weren’t for tasting. But if they did want to taste a real apple? They were given that opportunity, of course. Apple slices for anyone who desired!


fall apple sensory bin


Books to go with this activity:



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  1. Clarissa Hooper says:

    What a great fall activity to explore fall scents! May need to try this with my son 🙂

  2. Norah Colvin says:

    What a delicious activity!