Easy Recipe for Applesauce

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After learning about how an apple is grown, we love to make applesauce, and we use a super easy recipe! Since our day is only 3 hours, we need to have a quick recipe. Years ago I decided to use my rice cooker. It cooks the apple slices quickly, allowing us to be able to taste our applesauce that very morning!

Before the cooking event, we ask the preschoolers to bring an apple to school. We compare colors, graph how many of each color we have, and then slice them for our applesauce. We add no other ingredients. Just pure apples. The fragrance in the room is delicious!
 As the children arrived, they placed their apples in a basket. My co-teacher was quick to make a label showing the child and the type of apple. This helped with our graphing later. I loved the variety!  (And it made our applesauce taste that much better!)
After the apples were sorted, we removed the labels and placed them on a piece of paper to show the parents when they picked up their children.
We cut up the apples and had a taste test. The preschoolers noticed which were tangy and which were sweet.
We invited them to help us cut the rest of the apples.
 We then placed them in the steamer basket and put them in the rice cooker.
It only takes about 30 minutes for the apple slices to become tender!
easy applesauce recipe 
We distributed the applesauce into individual cups.
easy applesauce recipe
 And it was tasted during snack time.
easy applesauce recipe

 Here’s how you can expand on this:

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  1. Looks and sounds delicious! I’m sure the children loved this activity and learned a lot. ��

  2. I love this idea for a Fall classroom activity! I featured it on my round-up for kids co-op today. http://sowsproutplay.com/activities/fifteen-plus-apple-activities-and-recipes/

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