30 Easy Toddler Indoor Activities


You are stuck indoors. Your 2 year old is bouncing off the wall. You need to put something together now! Well then, here are 30 easy toddler indoor activities.

How did I know this collection would be needed? Because I’ve opened my emails many times to find a reader asking for indoor activities.

30+ Easy Toddler Indoor Activities


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I decided to open  a discussion on toddler indoor activities on my Facebook page.

“What are your favorite easy indoor activities for toddlers?”

I loved the variety of answers and selected over 30 that I felt would be easy to set up indoors for toddlers. I also included links to some ideas from my blog and other websites that I hope you will try with your toddler!

So….. here you go! Oh, and if you try some of these, can you let me know how it went?

30 Easy Toddler Indoor Activities


“Playdough with cookie cutters.” — Christina B.


Try this:

  • Add a cookie cutter to a jar of homemade play dough as a gift! (An Everyday Story)

  • Use alphabet cookie cutters for some alphabet exposure. (No Time for Flashcards)


“Put some music on and dance.” – Paula A.

“My favorite thing to do as a kid was to grab some blankets and tip the couch up to make a cubby house.” – Kaitie A.

“Kinetic sand is fantastic. It’s so easy to clean up, also brings a little of the outside in.” – Angela M.

Try this:

  • You can save money by making your own kinetic sand. (Living Ithaca)


“Threading pasta necklaces and bobbins with shoe laces.” – Bev H.

Try this:

  • Let the children paint pasta before threading it. (Picklebums)


“Sensory bins with dry rice, noodles, or cornmeal.” – Leesa B.


Try this:


“I buy flashlights from the 99 cent store and turn out the lights and play tag or just watch the lights go crazy.” – Sheri G.

“Leaf art and painting on newspapers.” – Sarah H.


Try this:


“Salt dough is great as we very household has a bag of flour…and they can paint them on a different day.” – Su C.

Try this:


“Make homemade play dough.” – Suzanne S.


Try this:


“Make lunch together, from scratch!” – Porcia W.

“I let my kids take an extra bath and just let them play in the water.” – Nicole P.


Try this:


“Draw on a white board.” – Andrea H.

Indoor Activities for Kids

Try this:


“Elbow noodles (straight from the box) in a container with measuring cups, jars, etc., for pouring.” – Ann F.

“Create an obstacle course.” – Chyanna T.


Try this:


“We keep blown up balloons on hand. They love playing with them and  it burns some energy.” – Jennifer R.

“Dance!” – Elissa D.

“I’m a big fan of play dough with cookie cutters. I also take out my rolling pin and child scissors so he can cut the play dough or scraps of paper.” – Catalina G.

“Cut plastic straws.” – Kara B.

Indoor Activities for Kids

Try this:


“Kids usually love to paint.” – Connie D.

toddler indoor activities

Try this:

  • Grab some tea bags from your cabinet and invite your child to paint with them. (Teaching 2 and 3 Year Olds)

  • Paint on ice blocks! (Teaching 2 and 3 Year Olds)

painting on ice

“Draw her while she is laying on a big sheet of paper and let her color it.” – Aparna T.


Try this:


“Cutting and sticking, painting, coloring, threading, jigsaw puzzles and baking.” – Sarah B.

“Color on or cut up junk mail.” – Dana S.


Try this:

  • We all have that pile of junk mail. Help your child strengthen his scissors skills while cutting the paper! (School Time Snippets)


“Balloons hanging on ribbon from top of the door frame and Nerf bats. My boys love it!” – Sandy D.

“Beach balls and music.” – Amanda W.

“Clean everything out of the room and get out the soft balls, let them run around and throw and PLAY! It burns off energy and they LOVE it.” – Donna Y.

“My son loves painting with brushes, Q-Tips, cotton balls or trucks. Also, sensory bins with dried oats, beans, or cloud dough with scoops, trucks, funnels, etc.” – Katie R.

toddler indoor activities

Try this:


“Shaving Cream on cookie sheets with cars.” – Christina B.


Try this:


“Cooking and Mega Blocks.” – Paula A.

“I bring a tub of snow inside and let my little girl paint it.” – Gina S.


Try this:

  • Bring the snow inside for some fun winter sensory play. (Growing a Jeweled Rose)

  • No snow in your area? Make a snow globe in your sensory bin. (Teach Preschool)

  • Make your own sparkle snow! Simple recipe for lots of fun. (Growing a Jeweled Rose)


“Finger painting is cute and fun, and I also enjoy taking out hand puppets and performing with a story with his participation.” – Gabriela M.


Try this:

  • Make your own fingerpaint that is taste-safe. (The Imagination Tree)


“Wash plastic dishes in the sink.” – Elissa D.


Try this:

30+ Easy Indoor Activities for Toddlers

Here are more activities to try:

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