Toddler Painting with Balls

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Toddler Painting with Balls – a sensory art experience!

Toddlers love to paint with various objects that fit well in their hands, like these nubby sensory balls.  Painting with nubby balls gives the activity an extra sensory experience, too! All you need are a few items and you are ready to introduce some fun art.


toddler art
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Last week our 3 year olds painted with marbles. I wanted our 2 year olds to have a similar experience, but with something larger that could fit in their hand (and not in their mouths).
toddler painting

What you will need:

painting with toddlers

The process:

Pour some white and red paint onto a tray but do not mix them.

toddler art
Add the nubby balls to the tray.
toddler painting
Place paper in the box lid and dip the nubby balls into the paint.
toddler art
Show the children how to hold either end of the cardboard lid and gently tip the lid back and forth.
art with toddlers
It takes great concentration and  hand-eye coordination to keep the ball moving back and forth, but once the children master this skill, they often want to do it over and over again.
toddler art
When finished, place the balls back onto the tray and remove paper to dry.
preschool art

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  1. Love the use of these textured balls! So fun!

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