Toddler Painting with Balls



Painting in a box lid? Tipping the box lid back and forth? Yep, that’s what this toddler painting with balls activity is all about.

And it’s fun.

Real fun!

This technique is very similar to our golf ball painting, except we use sensory balls. These types of activities involve the upper body as the children focus on not only holding the tray or box lid, but also move it back and forth to move the balls around. Our busy children especially love this activity since it involves movement.

Toddler Painting with Balls


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 Toddler Painting with Balls



What you will need:


Toddler Painting with Balls

Setting it up:


  • Pour some paint onto a tray. We used 2 colors so we could watch them mix.
  • Add the sensory balls to the tray and roll them around a bit in the paint.
  • Place paper in the box lid and dip the nubby balls into the paint.

Get started!
Show your toddler how to hold the ends of the box and move it back and forth.


Toddler Painting with Balls

The ball will leave a trail of painted dots as it rolls across the paper.

Toddler Painting with Balls



 Toddler Painting with Balls


It takes great concentration and  hand-eye coordination to keep the ball moving back and forth, but once the children master this skill, they often want to do it over and over again.


 Toddler Painting with Balls


If your toddler is having a hard time maneuvering  the box lid,  tongs or a large spoon can be used to move the ball around. I chose tongs for the extra fine motor challenge.


 Toddler Painting with Balls

Of course, using the tongs had its own fun. Our toddlers were quite interested how they worked.

Toddler Painting with Balls


When finished, place the balls back onto the tray and remove paper to dry.


Toddler Painting with Balls



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Toddler Painting with Balls
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  1. Love the use of these textured balls! So fun!