Toddler Painting with Balls

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toddler art
Last week our 3 year olds painted with marbles, so I switched the marbles to knobby balls for our toddler painting…

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toddler painting
I decided to use our  nubby sensory balls because they fit nicely in toddler hands. I placed the balls in a tray along with some red and white washable paint.
painting with toddlers
Paper was placed inside a container with high sides (we like to reuse cardboard box lids).
toddler art
The children then reached for the balls and placed them into the box lid, dropping them onto the paper.
toddler painting
I showed them how to hold each side of the box lid and slowly tip it back and forth, causing the ball to move. This might take awhile to master, and sometimes I will assist the child until he/she is able to control it alone.
toddler art
Once they see what happens when the ball moves around the paper, they want to keep going. Look at those paint tracks!
art with toddlers
It takes great concentration and hand/eye coordination.
toddler art
When they are finished, they place the balls back into the paint tray and remove the paper to dry.
preschool art
This is a fun way to get them ready for marble painting, which we do in the 3 year old class.

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  1. Love the use of these textured balls! So fun!

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