Hibernating Bears in Preschool


One of our preschool themes in January is hibernating bears. As we explore our winter theme, we talk about animals that sleep during the winter. Preschoolers are especially drawn to bears because there are so many picture books with main characters that are bears, and because many of them have special attachments to stuffed teddy bears. So, when we had the children make their own stuffed bears that needed to hibernate in beds, they were beyond excited!


Preschool Bear Hibernation



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preschool hibernating bears

What you will need for this hibernating bears activity:

The first step:

  • Cut 2 bears shapes for each bear that will be made.

  • Cut small hearts from the fabric.

preschool hibernating bears

Start adorning the bear:

Place materials on a table and invite the children to decorate their bears.


preschool hibernating bears

preschool hibernating bears
 preschool hibernating bears

Let the bears dry.

preschool hibernating bears


Staple, stuff, and then staple again.

Once bears are dry, staple them on top of another bear-shaped brown piece of paper. Leave an opening so they can be stuffed. Stuff the bears with a bit of newspaper and then staple closed.

preschool hibernating bears

 Make a bed for the hibernating bears:

Place the bears in a shoebox and make a blanket out of fabric to put on top.

preschool hibernating bears

preschool hibernating bears
Preschool Hibernating Bears

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  1. Stephanie Schuler says:

    Adorable idea! Might have to try this out at my preschool as well!

  2. Kate Lloyd says:

    Nawwww that’s so adorable and a great way to teach them about hibernating bears. Cute.