Sunflower Garden Project for Kids

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When I was a new teacher I had no idea where to start when it came to gardening activities. I gardened with my own children, but that seemed easy because it was usually one-on-one. But with 16? It felt a bit daunting. Have you felt this way, too? Somehow I figured out how to put together a sunflower garden project that not only involved all 16 preschoolers, but involved 16 individual cups of seeds being planted and nurtured.

And it’s a hit year after year.

I will admit I don’t recall why I chose mammoth sunflowers, but they have been the easiest and fastest growing plants, year after year. Over the summer I will get emails with photos of the preschoolers standing next to their super tall sunflowers, beaming. They had nurtured their sunflowers every day with love, water, and sunshine. They learned what it was like to taking care of a living thing.

This is why I do this sunflower garden project year after year!


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Growing sunflowers with preschoolers - hands-on gardening fun! Teaching 2 and 3 Year Olds

Sunflower Garden Project for Kids


What you will need:

Setting up this sunflower garden project:

  • ┬áPlace soil in a bin along with a scoop.
  • Have seeds available in a shallow tray.
  • Fill spray bottle with water.
  • Place cups near soil.


Sunflower Garden Project

Before starting, share a book about how seeds grow. We displayed these on our science table along with a model that showed the sequence of a seed’s growth.

Sunflower Garden Project

Scoop soil into the cup. Poke 2 holes on the top and place a seed in each one. (I have them plant 2 because sometimes one never takes off.) Gently cover the seeds with soil.

Sunflower Garden Project

Spray soil with water.

Sunflower Garden Project

Sunflower Garden Project

I placed plastic wrap on top of ours and set in front of the window. This kept the soil moist and warm. Our preschoolers would give them sprays of water now and then, watching for those first signs of growth.

Sunflower Garden Project

In one week they looked like this:

Sunflower Garden Project

I made name labels and taped them to craft sticks, poking them into each cup. I realized afterwards that it would have been easier having the label placed directly on the cup, especially when the cups were covered with plastic wrap.

Scroll to bottom of post for free printable sunflower labels!

Sunflower Garden Project

Now they are ready to be taken home!

Sunflower Garden Project


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Growing sunflowers with preschoolers - hands-on gardening fun! Teaching 2 and 3 Year OldsSunflower Garden Project


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Sunflower Garden Project

Free sunflower labels for you!

free sunflower garden labels

Free download: Sunflower Garden Printable Labels


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