Fun Play Date Activities

One of the many areas I discuss during our parent night is the benefits of having fun play date activities with classmates. The biggest benefit is that they build social and language skills. Many of our parents have found that once they scheduled a few play dates, they saw their child’s confidence strengthen. As a teacher, I see that as well.

There are many simple and fun play date activities that can easily be set up inside or outside the home. They do not have to be elaborate! I thought I’d share in this collection in case you are looking for some play date inspiration.

What are your children’s fun play date activities? Let me know in the comments section!


Fun play date activities for preschoolers



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Fun Play Date Activities


Fun Play Date Activities for Preschoolers

Paint with Watercolors: Keep a stash of watercolor palettes handy for an easy painting activity.

Play Dough Fun: Whip together a batch of no-cook play dough for a fun kitchen table activity.

Blow Colored Bubbles: Have fun with vibrantly-colored bubbles that you can easily make with the kids.

Paint on Ice: Freeze water ahead of time and invite the children to paint on the ice with watercolors.

Fun Play Date Activities for Preschoolers - Teaching 2 and 3 Year Olds.

Mini Volcanoes: Mix up a simple concoction and watch the colors fix and blend. The highlight is using squirt bottles! (Meri Cherry)

Shaving Cream Fun: Your play date is sure to be a hit with this fun (and messy) collection of shaving cream ideas. (Learn, Play, Imagine)

Mud Pies: A classic activity that we all remember doing as kids! (B-Inspired Mama)

Backyard Car Wash: Line up the trikes, scrub them, rinse, and repeat. (P is for Preschooler)

Fun Play Date Activities for Preschoolers

Easel Painting: Make your own 3-sided easel out of cardboard for two or three friends to use. (Pink Stripey Socks)

Sparkly Magic Wands: These are quick and easy to make, perfect for a play date. (The Craft Train)

Sense of Touch Walk: Take the kids on sensory walk. (A Mom with a Lesson Plan)

Art Activities: Arrange a few materials on your kitchen table and invite them to be creative. (Artful Parent)

Fun Play Date Activities for Preschoolers

Paint the Playhouse: Take the play date outdoors and let them paint the playhouse with washable paints. (No Time for Flashcards)

Spray Paint with Watercolors: Kids love this activity! We prefer doing it outdoors so we don’t need to be as particular to their aim.

Sidewalk Painting: This was a favorite with my kids and their playdates! (Happy Hooligans)

Blow Bubbles: Make your own simple bubble snakes and watch the fun happen. (Housing a Forest)

Fun play date activities for preschoolers

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