Friendship Activities for Preschoolers

Friendship activities for preschoolers is important for strong social growth. Starting from the first day of school, we include friendship activities in our day. At the age of 3, children are starting to play more with each other, forming new friendships. We talk about what makes a good friend. We do friendship activities, we read friendship stories, and we sing friendship songs. All year long. I like to have a go-to list of ideas for moments when I especially feel we need to focus on being good friends. What is a good friend? How do we treat our friends? What do we like to do with our friends? How do our friends make us feel?

I put together this list of picture books, activities and songs that I hope teachers and parents will find helpful.

friendship activities for preschoolers

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Friendship picture books:


Just My Friend and Me by Mercer Mayer

Little Critter has a difficult playdate with a friend and decides it’s okay to play alone.


Friends by Helme Heine

Charlie Rooster, Johnny Mouse, and Percy the Pig are best friends that do everything together. They play hide-and-seek together, ride bikes together, do their chores together, and pretend to be pirates together. They learn that when day turns into night that sometimes friends have to be apart, and that’s okay.




My Friend Rabbit by Eric Rohmann

Mouse is an understanding friend to Rabbit, who is accident prone. When Mouse lets Rabbit fly his new toy plane, trouble follows. However, patient mouse shows us how he continues to try to help his friend.




Little Blue and Little Yellow by Leo Lionni

Little Blue lives with his blue family and Little Yellow lives with his yellow family.  They are the best of friends. One day they cannot find each other, and when they meet again, they hug and turn green. Their families don’t recognize them anymore. Eventually everyone understands and all is well.




The Rainbow Fish by Marcus Pfister

Rainbow Fish is very fond of his shiny scales. However, when he meets a sad friend, he decides to part with one of his shiny scales. When Rainbow Fish sees how happy this makes his friend, he decides to give more of his shiny scales away.



Bear Flies High by Michael Rosen

When bear wants to fly, four of his friends help him  make it happen.



Salty and Button by Angela McAllister

Salty and Button are best friends. Salty is more adventurous than Button, but it’s Button that saves them when their adventure leads to danger.


Friendship activities for preschoolers:



Friendship songs:


 What are your favorite friendship activities? Let me know in the comments section!


friendship activities for preschoolers

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