Easy Mother’s Day Gift Made by Kids

You are looking for an easy Mother’s Day gift that can be made by kids. You want it to be simple, yet much appreciated.

I’ve got you covered!

Throughout my years of teaching, we’ve made many different gifts for Mom. You all know how I am not thrilled about crafts and gifts that are mostly done by adults. However, that can be a challenge when finding a gift to give to an adult. It’s a struggle I’ve dealt with year after year.

Until this year!

I finally found a great gift for Mom that is simple AND that the children put most of the work into. All the teachers in my preschool agreed this one is a keeper because not only is it simple, but it can be done with every age in our program, from toddlers to 5 year olds.


great gift for mom


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Easy Mother’s Day Gift Made by Kids


What you will need for this activity:

Once you get all your ingredients and you are ready to begin…

Make sure that there are no chunks in the epsom salts.

We placed our epsom salts in small sandwich-sized zip-lock baggies and had the children hammer the chunks. (We know how much they love to hammer anything, so why not add it to this activity?)


great gift for mom


Then, add the salt to a big bowl.

We did ours in 3-cup batches. We added about 5 drops of lavender essential oil. You can alter this depending on how weak or strong you want it to be.


great gift for mom


Time to fill the jars!

Toddlers and preschoolers love to pour! I placed the jar right in the bowl of scented salt because I knew there would be overflow. No mess and no waste!


great gift for mom

great gift for mom


Time to wrap it up!

Place the top on the jar and tie the ribbon around it. We added a super simple handmade tag.


great gift for mom


great gift for mom


It’s that simple!

Easy Mother's Day Gift Made by Kids

Ready to give to Mom!

great gift for mom

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