Easy Caterpillar Craft for Preschoolers

This easy caterpillar craft for preschoolers is a classic. You probably made them as a kid! All you need are some recycled egg cartons and a few other items for details.

It’s that easy.

We create our caterpillars before making our big butterflies, while we are learning about the butterfly life cycle in our science center.

preschool caterpillar craft
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 Easy Caterpillar Craft for Preschoolers


What you will need for this activity:

Caterpillar Preschool Craft
When our caterpillars arrive, we notice how small they are. Each day we record how much larger they have become. It’s amazing how quickly they grow!

The first part of this activity:

I cut the egg cartons so that each child got 3 sections. Then, they painted them.

Caterpillar Preschool Craft

The second part of this activity:

Once they are dry, use scissors to poke 2 holes at the front of the egg carton. The children will then push the pipe cleaner through one end and out the other, so that both ends are sticking out of the top. We twist them a bit. Then, glue the eyes on.


Caterpillar Preschool Craft
Caterpillar Preschool Craft
While we read books about caterpillars, we learned they have 12 eyes. But, the children only wanted to put 2 on them, since that is how many eyes they have. They also wanted to add smiley faces with Sharpies. I am fine with this. As long as they understand the true caterpillar. And we talked about this a lot.


Caterpillar Preschool Craft
Now we wait for our real caterpillars to turn into butterflies! Such a fun activity!
Caterpillar Preschool Craft

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preschool caterpillar craft

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