Classroom DIY Ideas for Teachers

Teachers, if you are on a budget, you will appreciate these classroom DIY ideas. Oh yes, it’s fun to look through those school catalogs, but once you start pricing them, it adds up! I was thrilled to find so many items that can be made for a fraction of the cost, for all areas of the classroom. Go take a look at your wish list and see what you can cross off by making it yourself!

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Classroom DYI Ideas for Teachers


Make it Yourself!


Felt board: All you need is a piece of framed cork board and felt and around 15 minutes and you have a felt board for your literacy activities. (Buggy and Buddy)

Teacher’s Cart: Spruce up a boring rolling cart with some scrapbook paper.

Balance Beam: For $30 or less you can make a balance beam to add to your large motor play. (My Little Me)

Individual Table Top Easels: Acrylic page holders are perfect for upright painting and drawing activities.

Paper Organizer: Glue cardboard together, add your choice of fabric, and you have a paper organizer for the children or yourself. (The Stonybrook House)

Bulletin Board: Cover insulation board with fabric that coordinates with your classroom. (Classroom DIY)

Pocket Chart Stand: Fit PVC pipes together to make a pocket chart stand. (In Lieu of Preschool)

Mini Chart Stand: Similar to the pocket chart stand, but perfect for table tops. (Falling into First)

Light Box: Place white Christmas lights in a storage container to explore color and light. (The Imagination Tree)

Salt Tray: A wooden tray can easily be converted into a salt tray for alphabet writing practice. (This Mumma’s Life)

Lego Table: Add Lego plates to the top of an inexpensive IKEA table. (Kojo Designs)

Smelling Bottles: So simple to make yourself and are a great addition to your 5 senses activities. (Share and Remember)

Classroom Curtains: No need for a sewing machine! (Classroom DIY)

White Board: It’s as easy as card stock and page protectors. (Maggie’s Kinder Corner)

Crayon Organizer: Recycle and decorate small cans so that crayons can be organized by color. (Sugar Bee Crafts)

Dry Erase Board Easel: Another use for PVC pipe, and everything costs around $25. (The Owl Teacher)

Sensory Table: For $30, you can make this sensory table in 30 minutes. (A Teaching Mommy)

Tinkering Table: Lightweight with wheels, so it easily be moved around. (Teach Preschool)

Bookcase: A full tutorial on how to make this front-facing bookcase for children. (Life is Bella)

Circle Time Mats: Make mats out of vinyl tablecloths for your circle time gatherings. (Ashley Hackshaw)


Classroom DYI Ideas for Teachers

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