23 Alphabet Activities for Kids

Inside: 23 alphabet activities for kids. (Although if you count, there are more. I couldn’t resist adding more as I found them!)

Preschool parents are concerned their children won’t learn their ABCs. I get that. I was that parent.

Then I became a preschool teacher. I relaxed. As a teacher, I know that alphabet learning  should be hands-on. It’s not about flash cards or workbooks. It’s about providing playful literacy activities that excite young children to want to learn more.

If you are a preschool teacher, you might wonder at what part of your day should you include alphabet learning. My answer? All day long.

Remember my post about how to add literacy in all areas of the classroom? (If not, I’ve got you covered. Just click here.) Parents can add similar activities in the home.

Bottom line: keep it fun and let them explore!

23 Alphabet Activities for Kids


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23 Alphabet Activities for Kids



Bonus! Add more literacy fun with these alphabet formation rhymes!

Uppercase Alphabet Rhymes

Teach little ones how to write uppercase alphabet letters with these formation rhymes! This set of printables explains how to write the uppercase letters with a fun little rhyme. These can be used as posters around a room, tracing with a finger, or tracing with a writing utensil.

For $3.00 you can download your digital file and start today!

Lowercase alphabet letters are also available. Download here.




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23 Alphabet Activities for Kids

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