15 Fun Water Activities for Preschoolers

Preschoolers love water. Give them a tub of water and a cup and they will fill and pour water over and over again. So why not add on to this with some fun hands-on learning? I’ve put together 15 fun water activities for preschoolers. Activities that allow them to:

  • Feel
  • Squeeze
  • Pour
  • Poke
  • Explore

These activities can be done year round, in the classroom or at home. With one child or many children.

And they are easy. We like that!


water activities for preschoolers - teaching 2 and 3 year olds

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15 Fun Water Activities for Preschoolers


Color Sorting: This activity not only builds color recognition skills, but fine motor, too!

Water Squeezing: Have you ever used turkey basters in your water table? This is a favorite with our preschoolers! (Our toddlers love it, too.)

Transferring Water: Once young children can master turkey basters, they are ready for pipettes. This fine motor activity is also nice for calming down energetic children.

Washing with Water: Add small sponges to soapy water, along with some favorite toys to wash. In this particular activity, we used our collection of rubber ducks.

water activities for preschoolers

Kitchen Water Xylophone: Fill jars with various amounts of water and notice how different they sound. (Sugar, Spice and Glitter)

Leak-Proof Bag: Stick pencils through a plastic bag filled with water and it won’t leak! (Paging Fun Mums)

Keeping Paper Dry Science Activity: This water science idea will be like magic to preschoolers! (Pleasantest Thing)

Soapy Sea Foam Sensory Play: The colors in this activity are beautiful! Just add shells and ocean animals and pretend you are at the ocean. (Two-Daloo)

water activities for preschoolers

Pool Noodle Boat Fun: What a fun idea to use cut pieces of pool noodles as boats for the water table! (FSPDT)

Floating Chalk Prints: Wonder what happens when you shave colored chalk and add it to a pan of water? And then place a piece of paper on top? Try this activity and find out! (Picklebums)

Water Wall: You can make a homemade water wall for the backyard that your children will love! (Little Bins for Little Hands)

water activities for preschoolers

Bottle Caps and Water: Fill caps with water using pipettes. Another fun way to work on those fine motor skills! (Fantastic Fun and Learning)

Sink or Float: Collect items from nature and see which ones sink and float. (Laughing Kids Learn)

Experiment with the Changing Shape of Water: Find out what happens when water is poured into different shaped containers. (Stir the Wonder)

How Many Drops of Water Fit on One Penny: This activity will add some fun STEM into your day! (Our Whimsical Days)

water activities for preschoolers

What are your preschooler’s favorite water activities?


Water activities for preschoolers - fun ways to explore! Teaching 2 and 3 Year Olds

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