Spring Color Sorting Activity


Toddlers and preschoolers love to scoop and pour at the sensory table. Most of our sensory ideas include it for that very reason. But it’s also fun to add addition skill building. This spring color sorting activity involves inexpensive materials that can be purchased at the dollar store, along with your choice of filler.

I found pastel plastic eggs and matching pom poms that would encourage the children to color sort while enjoying the pouring experience. I added lentils for their smooth texture and wonderful tinkling sound as they are poured. This fine motor activity is so simple to put together and can be done at a sensory table or any plastic bin with sides.

Spring Color Sorting Sensory Bin
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 Spring Color Sorting Activity


What you will need:

(I found my pom poms and plastic eggs at our local dollar store, but I am providing affiliate links in case you don’t have access to a dollar store.)

fine motor activity for spring

Setting up this activity:

Place everything into the bin. That simple!


fine motor activity for spring


 Inviting the children to play:

While being introduced to this fine motor bin, we noticed that the pom poms matched the eggs. We wondered how many of the matching colored pom poms could fit into each egg? I loved how it turned out to be a fun color recognition activity in addition to strengthening fine motor skills!
fine motor activity for spring


I love using lentils because they are so silky and slip right between the fingers. They are also very soothing. The children noticed that when they poured the lentils, they sounded like raindrops as they landed.

fine motor activity for spring

Another plus was that the children loved opening and closing the eggs. These fit so nicely in their hands, too!

fine motor activity for spring

fine motor activity for spring

But truly, what toddlers and preschoolers love most is pouring.

Spring Sensory Activity

And, they also realized that when they poured the lentils into the eggs and snapped them shut, they became great shakers! Great exploration!

fine motor activity for spring

And, yes, a train made its way into the bin. Funny how that happens.

fine motor activity for spring


spring color sorting sensory bin


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  1. Kimberly Huff says:

    What a fun Easter Bin 🙂

    • Sheryl Cooper says:

      Thank you, Kimberly! I enjoyed putting it together and watching them have fun with it.

  2. Susen Kuchta says:

    So colorful and pretty! Thanks for Sharing on my fb page at Dabbling Momma

  3. Love all the colors and activities you can do with this!