Preschool Language Development Activities

Using language and communication with young children is crucial for their success in school and beyond. Preschool language development activities should be part of each day in the classroom, and also in the home.

In a previous post, I shared how important it is to build young children’s language development. We can help build listening and understanding skills by talking with them, listening to them, reading and singing with them. When thinking about what types of activities to provide, keep in mind ways you can encourage young children to use their verbal skills. This can be done in so many fun, playful ways, building their confidence at the same time. In this post I’m sharing over 10 different types of language development ideas that work well in the preschool classroom, although they can be done at home as well.


Preschool Language Development Activities


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Preschool Language Development Activities



Play group games that encourage conversation.

Add small groups to your classroom schedule that encourage preschoolers to use their verbal skills.

Recite favorite fingerplays.

Use a telephone in the dramatic play area. (Teach Preschool)

Create story baskets to encourage preschoolers to retell stories. (Nurture Store)

Play an I-spy game that encourages language participation. (Ready, Set, Read)

Make an experience book that encourages children to retell something special they recently participated in. (Two-Daloo)

Sing songs to encourage speech.

Provide listening activities to build language skills. (Inspiration Laboratories)

Play games that encourage speaking and listening skills. (Childhood 101)

Build letter sounds by providing rhyming activities. (No Time for Flashcards)

Preschool Language Development Activities

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