Preschool Color Mixing Activity

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Color Mixing in a Bottle
A favorite preschool color mixing activity is blending 2 colors in some sort of container. In the past we’ve done this in cans, rolling  them across the floor. This time I decided to use some recycled plastic bottles. They fit perfectly in the children’s hands as they shook the bottles back and forth to mix the colors.
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color mixing

What you will need:

  • clean recycled plastic bottles with lids
  • marbles
  • tempera paint
  • a bin to hold the painted marbles
color mixing
Fill bottles with tempera paint.
color mixing
Have the children pour the marbles into the bottle. (They could also just drop the marbles into the bottle by hand.)
color mixing
color mixing
color mixing
Squirt 2 primary colors into the bottle.
color mixing
color mixing
Place the cap on the bottle.
color mixing
Let the color mixing begin!
color mixing in a bottle
When the colors are blended, remove the cap. Place the marbles in a bin.
color mixing
color mixing
As the marbles are released into the bin, the children could see the new color they made.


You could take this farther by putting the painted marbles on top of paper that is placed in a box lid. Have the child tip the box lid back and forth so that the painted marbles make tracks on the paper.
color mixing
color mixing
color mixing
Fun, hands-on learning!
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  1. Neat idea, Sheryl! I’ve never thought of putting them in a bottle!

  2. Wow… I like this idea. I’m teaching my daughter colour mixing too. Not too successful yet. I think she will love this.

  3. I love this! We are featuring your post this week on Share It Saturday. Thanks for linking up and see you again at the party :)
    Colleen at Sugar Aunts

  4. What a fun way to teach about color mixing! I pinned it.

    Thanks for linking up to TGIF, hope to see you linked up again today =)

  5. We love marble painting at my house and in my classroom! I have never used them inside a bottle to mix colors, though! What a great idea. Thanks for linking up at Share It Saturday. I’m featuring you this week, as well. :)

  6. I have a question about toddler rooms, specifically in day care homes where there is more than 6 children. Do you have page/blog to post that to?

  7. You could post that question on my Facebook wall, if you are on Facebook. I could then share it with my readers.

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