Planning for a New Year: My Big Binder

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Our first day of preschool is on September 10th. While it’s over a month away, I know how quickly that time will go. Organization is important, especially right now while putting together rosters, parent packets, schedules, etc.
One thing I could never go without is my 1 1/2″ back-to-school binder.
teacher organization
Inside it, I have page dividers for the following:
  • 2′s Roster
  • 3′s Roster
  • Birthdays
  • Morning Schedule
  • Year Calendar
  • Special Events
  • Curriculum Outline (You can find that here.)
  • Welcome Letter (to be mailed)
  • Supply List (to be mailed)
  • Separation Anxiety Information (to be mailed.)
  • Questionnaire (to be given out at parent night)
  • Parent Tidbits (to be given out at parent night)
  • Photo Permission Slip (to be given out at parent night)
  • Staff/Board Meeting Notes
  • Open House/Parent Night Information (what I’ll need to cover)
  • Scholastic Book Order Information
  • Sign In Sheets

teacher organization

This is pretty much everything I’ll need to work on before school starts.
However, I keep this binder and use it all year, adding as we go along.
teacher organization
It’s pretty bulky by the time the end of May comes around!
teacher organization
I love having everything at my fingertips, especially as I work on the classroom next month and attend staff meetings.
teacher organization
I use page protectors for many of the categories so that I can place several sheets inside. (For example, I have one sleeve for each month of teacher/board meetings and everything from that one month slips into that one sleeve.)
As I’m planning for back-to-school, each section reminds me of what I need to mail, what needs to be updated, copied, purchased, etc.
That’s it! My handy-dandy back-to-school notebook!



  1. Wow this is great! I am going to share this with my team and director. Nothing feels more calming at the start of the new school year -than being organized! There is so much essential info that needs to be taken care of and this system will assure that nothing is over looked. thanks for sharing!

  2. I love this. A great tool for me as an accredited childminder. Thankyou.

  3. I am looking your plan such a nice and great plan on this new year… I love this plan…
    new year wishes

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