Painting with Golf Balls in Coffee Cans

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Coffee Can Painting With Golf Balls

You will need:
Clean coffee cans with lids (or other similar containers)
Paper that fits inside the can
Golf Balls
A friend

Insert the paper into the can so that it presses against the sides. Have the preschoolers spoon the paint-loaded golf balls into the can. Secure the lid.

Find a friend and roll the can back and forth!
(This is a great friendship activity!)
Remove the lid and pull the paper out of the can.
This was done with our 2 year olds, but we’ve found all preschool ages to enjoy this activity!


  1. I love all the bright colors of paint and love the motor skills this painting invites! Too fun!

  2. Great way to get “physical” with art!

  3. We love this activity. My kindergartners have done this with golf balls and marbles. They really enjoy it, too.

  4. This is awesome. I would love to have you share this idea or another favorite on my linky at

    We are trying to stay busy during a snow storm. :)

    :) Kristi

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