Our Flower Shop


Karen, from Pre-Kinders, inspired me to put together a flower shop in our house corner. After looking at Karen’s again, I realize I want to collect more items for this in the future, but for now this has been fun and meaningful for our 3’s. We even had one preschooler using the play phone to call the “Pipe Man” because he needed to bring more water to the flowers. Shelling edamame was fun, too. (Notice the play cell phone. He insisted he needed to keep it close by in case he got a phone call. They model what they see, don’t they?) Thank you, Karen, for this idea, and I’m excited to add more materials.
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  1. Deborah (Teach Preschool) says:

    I love how you are always inspired to put ideas into action in your classroom – You are such a great teacher!!