First Day with the 3′s Class

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Back to School - First Day in Preschool


The first day of preschool is a lot of work. I will not lie. Actually, the first few weeks are! But there are things you can do to help make these days end with smiles. From the children AND the teachers!


Every single year, over 15 years’ worth, I forget how hard those first weeks can be. BUT, each year does get  easier, because I have learned a thing or two. I decided to write a post about how our first day with our 3 year olds goes, hoping it will help some of you preschool teachers!


Back to School - First Day in Preschool

Signing In

I create a sign in sheet that has two columns. One is with the name of the child and the other is left blank. When the preschoolers enter our classroom, they take a pencil and find their names. They draw a line from their name across the blank column, all the way to the right. This teaches them how to move from left to right. As the year progresses, they start writing some letters of their names instead of the line,  or their entire name.



Back to School - First Day in Preschool

Washing Hands

We wash our hands A LOT. State licensing requires us to wash upon arrival, when we come inside from outdoors. when we use the toilet, before snack, after snack….and the kids also like to wash after they have paint or glue on their hands. Therefore, many times there is a line at the sink. We mark a few X’s on the floor with colored tape. The children know to stand on one of the X’s until it is their turn.

Back to School - First Day in Preschool



We have two sets of cubbies. One is in the hallway for the parents. The other is in our classroom. When the children have finished something, they place it in their classroom cubby. (Note: if it is still wet, it goes on our drying table.)

Back to School - First Day in Preschool

Clean Up


At the end of centers time, we have a group clean up. The class helper rings the clean up bell and we all work together to put everything away.  We make sure to allow extra time for this during the first few weeks,  because it does take longer.

Back to School - First Day in Preschool

Circle Time

Each child has his own personal mat. One of the teachers puts them out after clean up. The children go to our book corner to find a book and they take it to their personal mats. They look at their books while we gather our circle time materials. At the start of the year, they need help finding their mats (their names are on them). But eventually not only do they find their own mats, but they find their friends’ mats as well.

Back to School - First Day in Preschool

Things to remember during those first weeks:

  • Keep it simple. Only put a few materials in each center. Do not add more until you feel they are ready.
  • Show them how to use the materials.
  • Never assume they know how to do anything! Take that time to model what you want them to do. Over and over again.
  • Expect that everything will take longer. Plan accordingly.
  • Get to know them. Your most important job right now is to give one-on-one to each of them. It might not happen all in one day. But make sure to find that time over the week. Listen to them. Hear their stories.
  • Let the parents know how it’s going. If we know a parent or child is having a hard time, we will text them during class with a photo to let them know how things are going. We let them know that if they have ANY concerns, they can ask. It’s important to establish that trust right from the start.
  • Take care of  YOU. Consider using your weekends to make meals to freeze for the week. Get your needed sleep.

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  1. I really like reading your blog. Thank you❣

  2. So reassuring to read this. My daughter starts her first day of preschool (3/4 year old class) tomorrow! She just turned 3 last week and I’m so nervous if she’ll do all right. We speak German at home, so she doesn’t speak much English right now (hence the purpose of her going to preschool to learn English!) I feel much better to know that “normal” 3 year olds need a lot of patience and that her teachers will be used to it.

    I did tell her teacher in January that we speak German at home, but haven’t brought it up since, so I’m not sure if I should write a quick note or say something before school (to remind them), or just to let it be… thoughts? Thanks!

    • Becky, I think it would be a good idea to remind her teacher. I’ve had students who have spoken other languages at home at it was really helpful for me to know. I followed up with the parents regularly on their progress.

      I’m sure your daughter will have a wonderful year! Such a milestone! (I remember well my oldest son’s first day of preschool, 20 years ago. He, too, was on the young side and I worried. He did just fine!)

  3. The two and three year olds know how to write and recognize their names, that is wonderful. How do I go about teaching the three soon to be four year olds I just got today how not only to write their letters and names but recognize them as well? Thanks for sharing, and seeing that blog encourages me even the more.


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