Fine Motor on a Dry Erase Board

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preschool fine motor
We use our white board in our preschool classroom to help develop those fine motor skills in a variety of ways. This week I decided to add some Do-a-Dots to our large dry erase white board…

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preschool fine motor

We provide many opportunities to strengthen fine motor development, working on those pre-writing skills, starting in our 2 year old class. Two year olds are beginning to draw lines and circles, imitating what they see in print.
We have a large dry erase board that covers our writing table. Because of its size, the preschoolers can use their entire arm, working shoulder stability. (For more information on activities that promote hand development, you might like to read this page by Fine Motor 101.)
preschool fine motor
I have used Do-a-Dots in many different activities, but never on a dry erase board. I appreciated how the preschoolers had to really squeeze to get the liquid to move on the board.

I added some dry erase markers as well. Lots of circular motions were used involving the entire arm. The 3 year olds added more detail. Because this board is large enough for several friends to work together, there was much collaboration going on.
preschool fine motor
The 3 year olds brought over the stencils from our writing basket. They shared stories of what their illustrations meant. 
preschool fine motor
Dry erase boards come in many sizes and can be used either vertically or horizontally on a wall or easel. You can help your children develop their fine motor skills by using these white boards in the classroom, at home, or while traveling. 

Here are 2 ways you can make your own white boards:
DIY White Board (Blogging the Moments)
DIY Magnetic White Board (Little Scholars)

Here are a couple of other ways to use white boards:
Applying and Removing Stickers and Tape from a White Board – And Other Fine Motor Activities (Little Heroes)

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  1. Amanda Carter says:

    Great post! In our classrooms, we painted the desks, and Group tables with DrawItpainT Dry Erase so that our students have somewhere to develop their fine motor skills also. Thanks!

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