A Week in January – Week Four

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The 3 year olds painted with marbles. We use box lids and place a tray of marbles in paint next to it. The children spoon the marbles into the box lid (lined with paper) and tip the lid back and forth so that the marbles move around, leaving paint tracks.
The 2′s class did the same, except they used large textured balls instead. 
Our new outdoor plexi-glass easel arrived! We have the option of painting right on the plexi glass, or clipping paper to the easel.
We washed babies in the sensory tub with warm sudsy water. We had a table of towels beside the tub to dry and dress the babies.

Play Dough:

I added lavender oil and rosemary to our play dough. 

House Corner:

We moved our couch from the book corner to the house corner to create a homey environment for our babies. We had baskets of pajamas for the babies to wear, robes and gowns for us to wear. We had plastic breakfast food in bins, along with plastic milk jugs and orange juice cups.

Special Events:
We celebrated Pajama Day in the middle of the week! We arrived in our pajamas and made Mickey Mouse waffles.

Light Table:
We placed our light table in the writing/reading corner this week. Stencils, paper and markers were provided.
Block Corner:
It was all about trains this week in the block area. It takes great cooperation between friends to use one track, especially when there are several trains moving at once.
We love to stomp in puddles when it’s raining!


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